Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pennsylvania is calling. . .Fiction on the map

I went to college in amish country, Lancaster Pennsylvania to be exact. While I was toiling away in the geology lab and the stacks of the Shadeck-Facknethal library at F&M (Franklin and Marshall college), I really had no idea that to the west of me lay a gold mine of literary treasure. Apparently, the trend continues, as noted in this recent article written for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In 2009, no less than 25 new novels use Western Pennsylvania as their setting. Apparently in the first decade of this new century, there have been over 200 Pittsburgh novels published. Although I don't make many trips to Pennsylvania anymore (it's about 8-9 hours by car from Boston), I'm glad I'll be going there via a few of these stories--Peter Oresick's article has made me jot down a few of these new titles:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article "25 Novels Use Western Pennsylvania as a setting in 2009"

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