Saturday, January 30, 2010

My 10/10/10 Challenge

Deciding on categories of books to read this year, I've been consulting numerous book blogs/tweets and other worldly internet sources.  I think I am finding a nice path to follow, and also to feel "organized" in some way about which books I'll be reading in 2010.  One blog "challenge"/read-a-long is the
10/10/10, I'm going to "cut and paste" the instructions for the challenge, and am also including a link to the blog so you can see for yourself what categories people will be choosing.  I feel lucky to have discovered the reading/writing/reviewing/publishing/library-ing/editing and the "everything to do with books world" that is vibrantly humming along in cyberspace via twitter and blogging-it's definitely inciting me to grow as a reader and a thinker.  Here is an excerpt about this challenge from Melissa:

Greetings, intrepid bookish friends! I am Melissa, and I'm happy you've decided to come check out the 10-10-10 Reading Challenge. This was introduced to me via Twitter, which has developed a fantastic community of book people--authors, readers, publishers, editors and agents. Kalen Landow, (@kalenski on Twitter) introduced us to this link from Library Thing ( She upped the ante a little by suggesting 10 books in 10 genres/categories by October 10. Although this is a very audacious goal, I know I feel excited about ratcheting up my reading by an order of magnitude. I, like many, tend to gravitate toward one or two categories of books (for me, mysteries and literary fiction)--so to branch out will be a great goal on its own; to read 100 books by Oct 10 will be a very challenging benchmark.

Here are the basic "rules"--which are free to be modified in any manner that works for you. To me, this challenge is about branching out in reading, not a checklist of do and don't.
1. Choose 10 different categories or genres.
2. Start reading books from these categories, with a goal to read 10 books of each by 10/10/10.
2. 10 books may count as multiple categories: i.e., if I choose "mystery" and "authors I've never read" and read a book by Joseph Wambaugh, that may count as two categories.
3. Catalog your progress by emailing me at I will add your categories/genres and books read as I receive them.
If 10 books is too audacious of a goal, make a goal that is reasonable for you--perhaps one book in each of 10 genres, or 5. The point again is to branch out.

I think I'm going to closely copy Kalen's categories-they can overlap if need be, and I'm sure to find that useful !  Here they are :

Kristine's 10/10/10

8, 9, 10 (Books pubbed in 08, 09, or 10)
Indie presses

Classics I need to read/re-read
Guilty Pleasures/brain candy
Authors That Are New to Me
Short Stories


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