Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zen in 2010

Ah, the peace and quiet of a house with family out of it. MJA took the boys to Home Depot to build a calendar (the monthly project-happens the first Sat. of every month), and I am still not dressed, sipping coffee and watching the snow fall. I'm glad we're getting some now, the fact that it melted and there was nothing to sled on (plus it was way too cold to be outside anyway) made for a long Christmas week off from school. We're all in one piece, and luckily no one was sick. New Years was fun, just the four of us, some lobster and a great Buche de Noel (my first) which has been heartily enjoyed by all. Thinking about creating a bucket list for 2010-which is not a resolutions list by any means-more of a writing down of the dreams of things to do, visit, create and enjoy.

And now for some reading goals: got two great art books for Christmas- one about Kandisky, and the other the catalogue of the Georgia O'Keefe show I took the boys and my mom to see in October at the Whitney Museum in NYC. Time to open them up and enjoy !

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  1. Happy New Year! I'm resolving not to make resolutions, but I have a long lists of hopes, dreams, and plans. They each begin with just one step :)